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Walter C. Boholst, Esq.

President of Waltertainment. He is a writer, director, producer, singer, songwriter, entertainment lawyer, capricorn, bicycle freestyler, snowboarder, jokester and leader of this motley crew.

His experience includes attorney at film distributor Image Entertainment, stints working in the creative affairs and story departments of MGM Pictures, for a A-List production company Davis Entertainment (Dr. Doolittle, Predator), for Graham King's former company Initial Entertainment Group (Gangs of New York, Ali), for The Walt Disney Company Legal and Business Affairs, Buena Vista TV Business and Legal Affairs, for Universal Studios Florida Promotion Department, top commercial producer EMM Group Inc. in Orlando, FL, national non-profit organization NFAYA, the National Filipino American Youth Association, a party promoter in Miami, Tampa and Gainesville, FL and for Universal Music Group at Universalmusicstore.com.

His education includes a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Florida, a minor in Mass Communications, a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law, a two year stint at Miami-Dade Community College Film School as well as classes at UCLA Extension Film Program and Valencia Community College (Orlando, FL) Department of Film and Entertainment.


Our obnoxious party animal who contributes to movie reviews, panel discussions and the like. He's responsible for about half of the four-letter words on this site. His compatriot/mortal enemy is Waldo. Together they are the world's coolest movie critics. Just ask them.


Our resident movie expert. He's been called anal, geek and dorky (all in the same sentence), most often by Wally. But his insight and analysis is second to none. His colleague/antithesis is Wally.

Team W

Team W is a collection of the best, brightest and most talented team producing commercials, films other awesome productions.

The Webmaster

Alex Ainza keeps Waltertainment and its affiliate websites up and running whenever his lazy ass feels like it. So if the site is not up to date...it's his freakin' fault.


Seeking interns for help on Waltertainment business and projects and promotion. No pay. Class credit negotiable. Opp. for advancement. Great hands-on experience.

Street Team

If you want to be a part of the promotion machine that is Team W then send in your resume and how you want to help promote Waltertainment projects in our quest to take over the world. No pay. Looking for Team members nationwide and internationally. Great fun and a great way to become the movie mogul on the block. For all employment opportunities contact info@waltertainment.com.



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