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D-volution (shortfilm)

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When a man races against time to save his wife who's infected with a mutating virus he's forced to make a terrible decision.

genre: horror
TRT 6:10

Written, directed and produced by Walter Boholst
Starring Sean Galuszka and Joanna Strapp
Produced by John Flores
Cinematography by Leah Anova
Music by Kurt Oldman
Make-up by Kazu Okada
Gaffer Bryant Lamelle
2nd Camera Operators James West, Knox Hughes
Sound Recordist Nick Rumancik
2nd AD /Wardrobe Manager by Orion Martindale
2nd AD / Prop Master by David Kopf
Sound design and mix by Nick Ainsworth
Production Assistant, Shannon Kendall
Behind the Scenes Producer, Christopher Lora
Behind the Scenes Production Assistant, Alex Rios
Still Photographer, Thomas Salvatore

Special Thanks to:
Khan Varnishung
Rancho Los Feliz
Space Station Casting
Sandra Valde
John Gonzalez
Mae Yu
Bruce Perral
Drs. Albert and Felicidad Boholst

D-volution is an official selection of:
* HorrorFind Weekend (Gettysburg, PA)
* Atlanta Horror Film Festival
* Singafest Film Festival (L.A.)
* Big Bear Horror Film Festival
* Vancouver Asian Film Festival
* Sunscreen Film Festival
* Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival
* Motorcity Nightmares Film Festival


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The Power of Thrust (youtube comedy channel)


A group of Hollywood wannabes try their luck in Hollywood at showbiz, love, career, sex, food and assorted hijinks that ends in sketch comedy and random hilarity.

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Europe-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training video
The elite ENJPPT Class Of 03-06 commissioned Walter to produce a video for their graduation consisting of a spoof of the Beastie Boys' classic "Sabotage" video, an emotional moving slide show and a montage of their training and flight footage to capture their dreams coming true as fighter pilots.

Talent Jam X (

An exciting look at the Univ. of Florida's Def Talent Jam talent show and Adobowl football tournament. Founded by Walter, the show has grown to draw a crowd of over 1500 and an incredibly high level of sexy talent from the Southeast.

THRUST video candy - DVD

Behind the scenes with the hectic organizers, proud racers and gorgeous models of the import car scene. For more info click visit

Lady Killer (sexy thriller) 6 min. DV
"Be careful when your date asks you to stay for a 'bite.'"

A girl who stays for a “bite” at her date’s apartment begins to wonder if he’s her next lover or the vampire-like serial killer that’s murdering women nearby. Starring Camille Francisco and Jorge Serrano.

Screened at:

  • Salt Lake Asian American Film Festival
  • Asian American Film Festival of Dallas
  • The Color of Film Festival of North Carolina

The Direct Approach (romantic comedy) 10 min. DV
“Boy wants girl. Boy seeks help. Friends screw it up.”

When things go south on Luke’s date with Sylvia he runs to his eavesdropping friends for advice and must decide between the suave “smooth approach” or the oral inspired “direct approach.” Starring Abraham Spigner, Julie Sanchez, Anthony Lim and Walter Boholst.

Screened at:

  • Salt Lake Asian American Film Festival
  • The Color of Film Festival of North Carolina

2 Minutes To Oblivion (action) 6 min. DV
“Ordered to stay. Compelled to run. Seconds to decide.”

In this tense military actioner, two soldiers frantically race to their rescue when one of them defies orders and pursues an enemy soldier before he returns with his death squad. Starring Anthony Lim and Ivan Cheung. Currently seeking composer/musician.

Screened at:

  • Salt Lake Asian American Film Festival

titofelix’s Man of Steel (music video) 4 min. DV

The band,
titofelix, step into a comic store and play witness to their alter ego battling a comic book villain in the skies overhead. Starring titofelix and Cheryl. ( Currently in post.

Screened at:

  • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
  • Salt Lake Asian American Film Festival
  • The Color of Film Festival of North Carolina

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