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Well it's that time of year again to teach young people the true meaning of X'mas...and that's PRESENTS. That's right!. And what better way to get the message across than purchasing them their own copy THRUST video candy and their own DTJ DVD's. Avoid the X'mas rush and order today.

Watch the Lady Killer short film trailer that's up now. Lady Killer, a vampire short film will be screening at the MiniDV Film Festival in L.A. 12/13. Theater is small so buy your tickets online now.

Happy Holidays!!!!


Check out Waltertainment's newest movie reviews on:


Check out Waldo's solo reviews of Kill Bill and School of Rock. Wally had an undisclosed "wrist accident" after watching Kill Bill 14 times and was unavailable for comment.



Tell your L.A. peeps to see my movie,

My vampire short film "Lady Killer" will have it's LA
premiere this Sat. 9/27 at the Vampire Film Series and
Film Festival at LA Film school. Here's the info.

The Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Vampire's Gothic Ball to follow

More info:

"Lady Killer" is a sexy, artsy thriller about a woman who goes home with her date only to wonder if he's a Vampire. It will screen before "THE HUNGER," which stars Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. Directed by Tony Scott(Top Gun, Enemy of the State).

Come out if you can. Tell your friends. It won't suck.
No pun intended.




Hey campers,

Our short films "Lady Killer", "The Direct Approach", "Titofelix's Man of Steel" Music video and portions of import DVD "Thrust video candy" will be showing at the

National Assocation of Asian American Professionals - NC Chapter Film Festival at UNC on Sept. 20. Please spread the word and support.

DATE: Saturday, September 20, 2003
LOCATION: University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill's law school Room 4004, 100 Ridge Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 Despite the misleading room number, this is located on the 1st floor of the law school. When you go in from the new main entrance, this room is the first on your left. We will have signs up to direct the directionally-challenged.

Directions: From I-40, take exit 273 to UNC. You will go west on Highway 54 for several miles. As you approach the campus, you will turn left on Ridge Road. Immediately on the right will be the entrance to the front parking lot of the law school. Parking there is FREE on weekends. You may also park behind the
building or on the road.

TIME: 11 AM to approx. 11 PM, with a 2-hour break for our monthly NAAAP dinner

For more info check at:


  • Got a new cell phone so you can start calling me again.
  • I'm on friendster.
  • Saw most of the big movies of summer. What review do you want next?
  • New videos up and more coming soon at
  • Vote for my girls at Maxim Online's Hometown Hottie contest:
    - Tracy (1st row, 2nd from left) Host on my Thrust DVD.
    - Cherie (5th row, 5th from left) Segment on Thrust.
    - Shelly (6th row, 2nd from left) Interviewed her in June.
    - Courtney (2nd row from bottom, 2nd from left) Interviewed her in Feb.
    - Lots of ugly girls in this contest. Take a look.
  • Also vote for my girls in the Import Tuner model search:
    - Melanie (4th row, 1st from left) DTJ DVD cover model
    - Soucki (bottom row, 1st from left) Her own video segment at, my life doesn't suck too bad.
  • Thanks to all those who've bought my Def Talent Jam and Thrust video candy DVD's. Thrust is only $12.99 for the next month. About 10 DTJ's left. Buy now at!



Waldo and Wally Movie Review: Pirates of the Carribbean - Waldo the film geek and obnoxious Wally review this swashbucklerblockbuster

Thrust video candy DVD Vol. I will be available at
SPEEDLIFE Orlando Sat. 7/19 at the
booth so stop by and say "I would like James to Thrust
me" and he will.

- WORD ASSOCIATION: Fl dude, Brooks, talks fast but
does he talk smart?
- MISS IMPORT UNIVERSE: FL model Soucki shakes it
- CREW CALL: Profile of Miami’s Team All Star car crew

- THE CAR SHIZZOW: Import Xpression Miami Report
- FL Breakdancers
- You wanna see the Jacksonville or Miami bikini
contest? Both were good.

Looking for interns interested in working for Thrust in the L.A. area in areas of marketing, management, editing, camera, on-camera host, etc. Email cover letter/resume at

7/19 RADIOTRON Bboy Contest(L.A.)
7/26 BURNOUT Nightclub/Car show(L.A.)
Thrust will be putting together a video display for the show and raising drunk hell in front of the camera so meet us at 1024 Grand Ave. Downtown L.A. Sat. 7/26

8/14 X GAMES, L.A.
8/30 HIN L.A.

Other cool events:
8/2 Breaklanta, Atlanta
8/9 IREV Ft. Lauderdale

- To everyone who supported at Extreme Autofest Pomona, including Jeni, Brian and new host Kelly
- for all the support during our Fl homecoming tour!
- To for their help at Import Xpression Miami.
- To Import Xpression and Import Invasion for their hospitality
- OK for their props at II Jacksonville
- Tsinilas Clothing Co. for splitting a booth with us
- for all their help and good times
- Angelie Zepeda, Julie Sanchez, Franjo Lira for helping out

Vote for our friends in the Hometown Hottie contest at Great job girls!
- Tracie Tran
- Shelly Seng
- Courtney Day
- Cherie Roberts
(I can’t believe how many ugly girls are competing. Uh, yeah)

Our friends "Melanie Tillbrook" and "Soucki" are in the running in the Import Tuner model search so show them some support.

If you are a model and you like-a us and we like-a you then let us know if you’ll be in some sort of competition and we’ll promote you. Just tattoo our logo on your breasts. Joke! Your ass will be fine.

Guess that’s it for now’s. Rock on bitches!



We're back from our triumphant FL Homecoming Tour! Thanks so much to the models, car crews and fans who supported us, especially,, and Tsinilas Clothing Co.

Next we'll be at Extreme Autofest Pomona, CA, Burnout in L.A. and will have a presence at Speedlife in Orlando, FL.

Footage of our FL tour will be up soon! We don't know exactly when but soon. Tell us what you want to see: - Booty contest?


- Thrust game shows?
- Top car crews?
- Bboys?
- Everything?

Let us know. Stayed tuned...



We'll be closing out our Thrust FL Homecoming Tour at Import Invasion Jacksonville, Sat. 6/28, Prime Osbourne Center, 12noon- 9pm. Pick up our DVD and a T-shirt from our show partners They've got some cool videos and flash stuff too so get on over to their site and check out their clothes.


  • Thanks to all the fans that stopped by the booth and picked up a copy of Thrust at Hot Import Nights Long Beach! We're overwhelmed by the compliments and show of support! Big thanks to Angelie Zepeda and Chris Arias for helping us out.
  • Make sure to come by and party with us at our big DVD RELEASE PARTY at Grand Ave.(1024 Grand Ave) Sat., May 31st!!! We will be screening 10 min. of the dvd
    and having 3 dance teams for entertainment. Plus, meet some of the stars of the show. For more info:
  • Welcome to all the fans from! We guaranteee you will enjoy her segment from Import Xpression, Miami. You'll see just why she's a natural at making all the boys turn to mush during her "Lap Dance for Francine" contest and you won't believe how she returns the favor to the winner. She even got some guy to lick Aiko Tanaka's feet! That's talent.
  • Our short film "Lady Killer" will be playing at the Asian American Film Festival of Dallas this Wed. May 28 at the Dallas Museum of Art at 9:30 pm. It's in the "Movies that Don't Suck(Vampire Movies)" program. For more info go to
  • Upcoming Thrust tour dates:
    - Asian Model Expo, San Pedro CA 6/1
    - Hot Import Nights, Orlando 6/14
    - Import Xpression, Miami 6/21
    - Import Invasion, Jacksonville, FL 6/28
    - Yo mama's house, 6/30 (joke!)
    See you at the release party!



Just got back from the SEMA International Auto Salon in L.A. We got some great interviews with the top car prize winners and caught up with our friends at Vision Entertainment. Happy Bday to Buddha, aka Wayne Raqueno. I can't believe you're already 17, Wayne. You can watch rated R movies now. Also good to catch up with the Texas crew, John and Joel, out in L.A. for vacation.

THRUST video candy is inching closer to release. We plan to drop it mid-late May and I mean it this time. Our target premiere is Hot Import Nights in Long Beach, CA on 5/24. We tentatively are planning a Southern tour in Florida:

  • 6/14 Hot Import Nights Orlando
  • 6/21 Import Xpression Miami (oh, the memories from last year)
  • 6/28 Import Invasion Jacksonville

Our webpage is constantly getting updated and should soon sport a rundown of who's in the video, the cars featured, the models featured and the musicians with music. So keep checking

We are currently seeking hardworking and ambitious individuals to join Team Thrust. We want motivated people in video production, marketing, distribution, editing and everything else nationwide. No/low/deferred pay/college credit depending on experience. Free copy of dvd. Room for advancement. Contact for more details. Just be ready to bring it.

Lastly, if you don't feel insignificant enough, here's some pics of our American heroes risking their lives out in Iraq defending people who can't defend themselves, featuring Florex Camacho and the 1st Marine Division. We try not to be political here but if you don't support our troops then you really, really suck it. Picture #1, Picture #2, Picture #3




Had a blast at the Salt Lake Asian Pacific Film Festival in Salt Lake City! Lady Killer, 2 Minutes to Oblivion and The Direct Approach made their world premiere while Titofelix's Man of Steel music video made it's 2nd fest appearance. Much thanks to hostess with the mostess Lansia Wann who really treated me like a real director and showed me around the wild den of sin that is Salt Lake City.

Thanks also to George for taking me and producer Celia Xavier out for a drink and thanks also to all the fans that showed up. Sorry if I offended you Utahans with the "adult" humor in The Direct Approach, unless you thought it was hilarious but just laugh very quietly. Thanks to the Asian Am Student Assoc. and the Pacific Islander Student Assoc. as well as the Univ. of Utah for the festival. I'd love to go back next year and try to get some snowboarding in. Pictures up soon!

Go see Better Luck Tomorrow this week. Getting rave reviews.

Movie poll winner coming soon. I promise! Buy THRUST and TALENT JAM X in the Marketplace!





We'd like to request that all Waltertainment fans pray for the speedy recovery of Ryan Taboada. Ryan, the best friend of Waltertainment President and Founder, Walter Boholst, was shot 16 times during a carjacking in Roanoke, Virginia early Thursday morning. He is in stable condition at the Roanoke Memorial Hospital and improving. His daughter was in the car when the robber drove off but he was quickly apprehended and Ryan's wife and kids are shaken but unharmed. Waltertainment's family is very closeknit and times are very hard for Ryan, his family and friends. We thank you for your support and prayers. For more information click The Roanoke Times here


  • Talent Jam X is the 10th anniversary of the hottest, sexiest, shakinist college talent competition in the Dirty South! Checkout the fierce competition between the South's hottest colleges as they battle it out. Click here to experience the madness.
  • THRUST video candy is the funniest, sexiest way to get inside the import car show and party culture. We showcase the best award winning show cars, the hottest models around and funniest comedy segments in the industry. Click here to find out more about it and here to be the first to pick one up.



Lady Killer, 2 Minutes To Oblivion, The Direct Approach and Titofelix's Man of Steel will all be appearing at the Salt Lake Asian Pacific Film Festival in Salt Lake City on Friday, April 4. Lady Killer, 2 Minutes To Oblivion (temp track) and The Direct Approach will be making their World Premiere!

Screenings will be at the Downtown City Library Auditorium. We don't know the exact times but check out The event is sponsored by The Asian American Student Association and the Pacific Islander Students Association at the University of Utah. It's a fun college event that's appropriate for a World Premiere since it resembles the very world the films were shot in at the University of Florida.



Due to the war we've postponed the Movie Poll Awards but we'll announce those soon so get your top ten picks in ASAP to

Waltertainment's new email address is Stop by the guestbook or drop us a line to say hello.


  • The Titofelix Man of Steel music video screening at the San Francisco
    Int'l Asian American Film Festival on 3/8 went great! Thanx to everyone that
    came out and all the others for support. Special thanx to hotties Cheryl
    Pulido, Sheila Floresca and cool Irish man Sean for putting me up and taking
    me to a kick-ass Indian restaurant.
  • The movie poll deadline and prize give away will be postponed due to our
    military kicking Saddam's face through his asshole. We'd like to set it up
    for the next couple of weeks but we'll keep you posted.
  • Our new import car show DVD, THRUST, is scheduled to come out in late
    April. We're tweaking it and making it kick ass so stay tuned for details. Upcoming shoot schedule:
    • Import Revolution, Anahiem 3/22
    • Hot Import Nights, San Mateo 4/5 (tentative)
    • SEMA International Auto Salon, Los Angeles, 4/25-27
  • Talent Jam DVD will be available for sale imminently! Get on the
    reservation list to be the first to know.
  • Finally, good luck to our military and their families especially Walter's
    cousin, PFC Florex Camacho, with the Marines currently in Kuwait. Kick some
    ass! Hua!!!! U.S.A! U.S.A!





Written, Directed, Produced by Walter Boholst
Co-Produced by Varrick Rosette and Ken Panginiban
Starring Titofelix, Cheryl
Director of photography- Jorge Serrano
Makeup/Grip- Lisa Cachin
Grip- Mike Schewee

at San Francisco Int'l Asian Am Film Fest! That's right. Waltertainment makes its world premiere with the screening of Titofelix's Man of Steel music video rough cut 1.0. It's not even done yet but we think our rough cut still kicks ass and apparently so does the festival. Here's the details...

Video will be showing during the festival's Directions of Sound program.


What: South Asian Electronica and the Hip-Hop Underground. It's a nightclub type of event with live music and music videos mixed in.

When: Sat. March 8, videos show at 11:30pm, show starts at 8:30pm

Where: (formerly Transmission Theater), 314 11st. at Folsom

Tickets: $15.00

Click here for more info.

Please tell everyone you know in the Bay Area to make it and support us.
Thank you!


  • We're back from our FL trip and it was a blast. First, congrats to newlyweds Aileen and Alex Aqui from Tampa. Waltertainment is actually doing the wedding video and we guarantee it's going to be a wild, unorthodox and entertaining ride. It's our first and hopefully not our last.
  • We also had a great cast and crew screening of our short films Lady Killer, 2 Minutes to Oblivion(temp score), The Direct Approach and Titofelix's Man of Steel music video rough cut 1.0. Thanks for everyone that showed up and thanks to Glenn for holding the screening and Camille Francisco of Lady Killer for organizing it.
  • Had alot of fun at the Filipino Student Association of UF meeting too! Thanks to Christine Perez for helping us show our car show and Talent Jam X trailers.
  • Last but not least, congrats to Rudy and Christine Panginiban and their daughter Gracen on her baptism. Great meal at Todai's in Tampa. Daw yeah.


  • Great shoot for our Top Secret Import Car Video at the 1st Hot Import Nights car show of the season in San Diego. Thanks to Abe Spigner for hosting and segment producer David Kelleher from E! Entertainment Television. Thanks also to Vision Entertainment for all their help once again. Super thanks to all the cool models and car owners who did interviews including Phoenix, Sasha Singleton (, Courtney Day ( and Cherie Roberts ( Yum, yum, yum and yum. I need a cigarette.

  • Future Shoots:
    • 3/8 Import Xtreme Showdown LA (tentative)
    • 3/22 Import Revolution Anahiem
    • 4/5 Hot Import Nights San Mateo, CA
    • 4/7 Your mother's bedroom. Joke!

  • Our top secret Import Car Show Project is targeted for release at Import Revolution Anahiem. Go here for more info on the project.

  • Talent Jam X DVD should be on sale in March. Reserve yours now. Check out the Projects section for more info on that incredibly tasty chunk of college showbiz entertainment..


Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're spending it with someone you love, even
if it's yourself.


Happy Chinese New Year! We want to give a Waltertainment Kung Fu shout out, "Keeee-yaaaaah", in honor of a few of our favorite Chinese movies stars....Lucy Liu, Ming Na Wen, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li and of course the late Bruce Lee. Is Kobe Tai Chinese? No matter, she always gets 3 thumbs up!

    Looking for a model for cover of Def Talent Jam video. Must be at least 18.
    Attractive. Look good in form fitting clothes. No pay but great exposure.
    Must be able to do a photo shoot in Tampa with CAPTURE IT STUDIOS or provide us with a suitable picture. Email jpeg photos or your website to, or email me for snail mail address.


    • Biker Boyz (***1/2)- not too smart and there's some character problems but overall a fun movie, good bike riding scenes, suuuuper hot chic, dumb fun

    • Bowling For Columbine (***)- documentary about America's propensity for gun violence, Michael Moore tries to offer some answers, don't agree with everything he says but pretty interesting

    • Chicago (***1/2)

    • Adaptation (***1/2)

    • About Schmidt (***1/2)

    • Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (****)

    • Catch Me if You Can (****)

    • Y Tu Mama Tambien (***)

    • We Were Soldiers (***1/2)

    • Die Another Day (***)


    Here's a list for you to choose your best movies of the year. Winner will be chosen in March and will win an import car show or Def Talent Jam DVD from Waltertainment. Finally, a real prize! Don't forget your made up categories like Worst Movie with XXX in the title that's not a porn. Deadline is March 1, 2003


Happy New Year from Waltertainment. We don't want to alienate anyone, so to our billions of Chinese Waltertainment fans...Happy Chinese New Year on Feb 1.


  • Def Talent Jam/Adobowl 2002 wrap up now up. Congrats to Dirty South!

  • Import Xpression in Miami was a blast. Thanks to Trevor, Ryan and PJ for putting me up.

  • Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment(CAPE) Celebration in L.A. on 11/21/02 was a great event. Notables include Lou Diamond Phillips, John Woo and George Takei.

  • 8 Mile review in wrap is now up.

  • Quick reviews:

    • Big Fat Greek Wedding(***)- not bad, but this made over $200 million?

    • Harry Potter 2(***1/2)- better than first, visuals are amazing

    • The Ring (***)- spooky visuals but story falls short of potential

  • We'll be locking ourselves in the studio to finish our "Blood, Guns and Dirty Jokes" short film compilation, Untitled Import Car video and the Def Talent Jam/Adobowl 2002 DVD. We might make it out to catch some snowboarding
    but other than that, Happy Holidaze!



2002 Def Talent Jam/Adobowl DVD will be available in the Spring of 2003.

Click here to reserve a copy. You will be contacted when the DVD will be available.

Please check for info and updates.


Been a long time since a review, huh? When last we met I was starting a list serve but still too lazy to do it so we'll do it like old times.

  • Check out the new review by Waldo & Wally on Femme Fatal.

  • Waltertainment LLC will be shooting at:

    • Pomona, CA- Xtreme Autofest car show(tentative)

    • Gainesville, FL 11/23-24- UF FSA's DEF TALENT JAM X, Adobowl Football tournament

    • Miami, FL 11/30-12/1 Import Xpression import car show

    • Still looking for all kinds of music for our upcoming DVD. Contact us at

    • Predictions: Gators 35 Vanderbilt 10; Vols 23 UM 21 (on last second field goal)


HAPPY HALLO you weeners!


What we've been up to:

  • SAN DIEGO ASIAN AM FILM FEST (10/3) to check out BETTER LUCK TOMORROW. "Better Luck Tomorrow is a visually frenetic, stylish and intellectually driven drama about a group of overzealous Asian American youth whose lives intertwine as they transform from school nerds to sociopaths."

    I didn't make that description up. It's on the website. The movie was very good and is the first Asian American movie to be picked up by a major distributor, MTV Films. It's the first acquistion by MTV Films so look for a big media push in early 2003 and support this film. It's good.

  • SAN FRANCISCO ROAD TRIP.(10/5-10/10)- Check out the restaurant at the top of the Union Square Hilton for a great view. Big props to Lawrence and Tom for cooking us dinner. They have a dope pad on one of the Islands between San Fran and Oakland. Prime real estate, baby.

  • HOT IMPORT NIGHTS ORLANDO (10/19)-'s 3rd anniversary party at Universal City Walk was da bomb. Mad props to the homies who showed. We unvieled our new comedy interview schtick and it went over hilariously, for better and worse. You'll be next. After party by DJ Thailo was off da hook. Props to DJ Yoshi who was way cool. Much thanks to Tsinilas Clothing Co.( for sponsoring us for the show.

  • ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS(10/20) Thanks to cutie Melissa Cordon for setting it up. Lines weren't too long and haunted houses were aight. But great atmosphere to play in. * CADEN BOHOLST BORN (10/24)- Happy Birthday, literally, to Walter's new nephew, Caden Boholst! He's healthy and beautiful and already has more hair then Walter does.

  • CONGRATS TO TEAM W MEMBER, ALEX AINZA and new bride TINA! He's the webmaster, folks. And he's an expert fisherman. You could call him a masturbater. Der.


  • Halloween- Filipino American Network/The Flip Side Launch Party and the Halo-Halloween Party at Harper's Bar and Grill, Century City, in LA.

  • SEMA SHOW (11/6) The premiere auto aftermarket trade show. Las Vegas.

  • XTREMEM AUTOFEST, Pomona (11/16)

  • Univ. of FL, Filipino Student Assocation's DEF TALENT JAM, Gainesville, FL (11/23)

  • ADOBOWL Filipino Flag Football Tournament, Gainesville, FL (11/24)

  • IMPORT EXPRESSION, Miami, FL (11/30-12/1)

  • The Untitled Import Car video will hopefully be out early 2003 and look for Walter's short film compilation "Blood, Guns and Dirty Jokes: The Filmmaker's Bootcamp" to hit festivals early 2003. Stay tuned!




We've spotted some pictures of us on the net and here's where you can find us:

  • 5 Star Originals- Go to "eye candy," then to "10.19.02 - CREAM @ Club Paladium(Orlando, FL)" - Walter, Tsinilas, DJ Yoshi

  • Deepvision-

    • Hot Import Nights -pg. 7 (10/19/02)- Walter interviewing Souki, Ken Panginiban with camera

    • Deepvision party- friends of Waltertainment LLC (10/18/02) Union Grave Ave. (8/17/02)- Walter with James Pham and brother, Walter with James

  • Import Culture- Go to "coverage" and look under "clubs/parties." IC & Events Co.: 'Double Trouble' Los Angeles, CA August 17, 2002- pg. 3


Hey folks! Sorry it's been so long since the last update but I'll try to fill you in on the haps.



  • The "Lady Killer" short film is just about done. I mean done done. Music composer Alexander Vishno of the band Dorian Gray completed the eerie score this week and it sounds fantastic! I also have a composer working on the"2 Minutes to Oblivion" short film and hopefully that will be done this week also.

  • I'm trying to put those two along with "The Direct Approach" into competition at the Sundance Film Festival by this weekend. We'll also be entering Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's Project Greenlight writing and directing contest soon with a shortened version of "2 Minutes." Haven't decided which script to enter but it will be a good one. Duh! Stay tuned.

  • Titofelix's "Man of Steel" music video is nearing completion with drawings scheduled to be done by Varick Rosette soon.

  • Untitled Import Car Show Project is moving along slowly but surely. Still looking for a name if anyone's got any good ideas.



Recent Waltertainment shoots include:

  • Festival of Phillipine Arts and Culture in San Pedro, CA(Long Beach) on Sept. 7-8 where the South's own Titofelix played along with the Tsinilas Clothing guys selling shirts.

  • The Dragon's Roar Concert featuring Asian American artists including Titofelix in Los Angeles, CA on 9/1.

  • Import Revolution in San Mateo, CA on 8/31.


  • HOT IMPORT NIGHTS, Orlando, FL 10/19.

  • Featured Import Model shoot, TBA

  • IMPORT SHOWOFF, San Diego, 10/12(tentative)

  • EXTREME AUTOFEST, Pomona, CA, 10/27 (tentative)

  • DEF TALENT JAM, Gainesville, FL 11/23(tentative) - Looking for male/female hosts!



Still looking for music- rock, hip-hop, dance, anything. Contact us at



Waldo and Wally will get reviews of the following movies to you but here's quick sample:

  • Signs (***) - Good suspense but a really stupid ending.

  • Austin Powers 3 (***1/2) - same jokes but still funny. "I love gooooooolldd."

  • Reign of Fire (***) - kind of juvenile, slim plot, not enough dragons.

  • Minority Report (****) - great story and effects, if you can get around the hokey premise

  • Bourne Identity (***1/2) - good old fashion spy movie, moves fast

    See any movies lately? Send in your reviews to!



Just want to promote the next show of Lady Killer composer Alex Vishno and his band DORIAN GRAY. If you're in L.A. you can check the band out :


Dorian Gray live at The Whiskey a-Go-Go
8901 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90069
Friday, September 27th, at Midnight cover charge, all ages

Waltertainment and it's fans is like a big family so if you're a fan and you've got something to promote let us know and we'll let the rest of the peeps know about it. Will try to update more frequently. Join our mailing list!

Thanks! - WB



Windtalkers - Wally and Wally break some serious wind over this John Woo film

Five Second Ratings of hundreds of movies



Undercover Brother gets its first Guest Review and our new Guest Movie Critic page gets its first submittal


  • New look! is getting new bodacious implants thanks to Alex Ainza. You can look but don't squeeze the Charmin. Oh what the hell. Touch it! Give us feedback on our new doo before the worldwide rollout. Thankerz.

  • Waldo and Wally review INSOMNIA and THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Can the director of Memento live up to his debut? Is Ben Affleck the Sum of All overrated actors? Check it out at Waldo and Wally's Movie Wars.

  • BEACHBOMAR weighs in with his two cents on THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Nuke? Bothered? Or just hot and bothered? Do you agree?

  • Pinoyz in the Hood: The Filipino Comedy All-Stars tour kicks off in...Compton, CA

  • Congrats to Dr. Joy Bruce who gets the Filipinas Magazine 2002 Community Service Achievement Award! Way to go Tita Joy! Our fearless leader, Walter, used to live in her house not to mention got smashed at her son's wedding. Read about her here


5/31/02 - Been a long time since we rock n’ rolled and lots has gone on…

  • WALDO and WALLY review Spider-Man, Star Wars Episode 2 and hold the end of all grudge matches- The Spider-Man versus Star Wars 2 showdown!!!

  • GOING BACK TO CALI: Waltertainment LLC has officially relocated to L.A.! The cross country trip was hazardous but exciting with stops in New Orleans with Amy B.(smelly French Quarter), Houston with Naveen R.(nice bars), San Antonio w/ Gene P.(Riverwalk- throwing stuff at Dick’s Last Resort, big but ungoodlooking clubs) and a flat tire too, Austin w/ the fams(good BBQ and weed), 2nd flat tire and busted fuel line at night in middle of nowhere, Phoenix(hot chics in Tempe) and finally in L.A. on May 15.

  • NFAYA CONFERENCE: May 17-19 NFAYA(National Filipino-American YouthAssociation)National Conference at the University of Houston! A filmmaking seminar was put on with the makers of Filipino-Canadian film, Lolo’s Child, Romeo Candido and Mary Anne Ledesma. Lost baggage on airlines. Not once, but TWICE!!!! That’s gotta be some kind ofa record. Check out NFAYA for more info on the Filipino-American youth scene.

  • IMPORT REVOLUTION: Waltertainment LLC has gone import racing. We traveled down the Anaheim, CA to check out Vision Entertainment’s Import Revolution May 25. We’re currently in the works on a new project with Wayne R. from Fiveplusone out of Houston, TX. Stay tuned. For more info on the cars, music and babes of the import racing scene check out Import Revolution and Hot Import Nights.

  • BAR REVIEW: THE SUNSET ROOM- L.A. Memorial Day weekend 5/26
    DJ Abe and the Waltertainment crew checked out the trendy L.A. bar supposedly part owned by Ben Affleck, your new Jack Ryan. Party was put on by Proofpositive Productions, one of the big Asian L.A. production companies. Cover was a steep $20. But the crowd was good looking indeed. We were not disappointed. We already reviewed this bar a year or so ago so we’ll just say the party was good, the crowd was goodlooking and as usual in L.A. nightlife, everything was expensive.Cuz we’re cheap bastages at Waltertainment. If the old review isn’t up we’ll try to get it up shortly. That’s all.

  • IN YOUR EYE, BITCH AWARD: This one is easy. This goes to Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines for all taking part in losing our baggage twice in the same weekend. Fuckers. Delta isn’t as much to blame but Frontier and United didn’t seem to care where the hell our baggage was so fuck them. And Southwest just straight up “short checked” our bags like a little bitch. So to them “IN YOUR EYE, BITCH!”

  • MUSIC NEEDED!: We are currently looking for music, preferably hip-hop/techno, for import racing related productions. Please email us at and we will send you a release form.

  • COMPOSER/MUSICIAN NEEDED: For film type scoring of short films. Email us at and we’ll direct you on sending in a demo.



  • Waldo and Wally actually do another movie review! Alert the media! Find out what they thought about  Panic Room and Jodi Foster's cleavage.


  • Viola! I found the&nbbsp; 2000 Movie Poll Results  results and they are fun to read! Alex A., Todd. B. and Gary A. praise and dismantle hundreds of movie and give out their own special awards. Film fanatic Todd B. also has his own commentary on Crouching Tiger and other things. Check it out.


  • 2001 Movie Poll Results are up.  Click here for Movie Poll Results.

  • Check out some of our new features Updates including:

    • ACADEMY AWARDS comments

    • Bar Review: Gainesville, FL's THE BANK





WALTERTAINMENT LLC Newsletter 4/8/02

* Welcome to new newsletter subscribers! (If you get this twice please tell me.)
* Movie Poll Results below
* Oscar Comments
* Bar Review: Gainesville's The Bank
* My person of the week...and more!!

* Congrats to Crystal River Alum JOEY ROMANIK and his band FLOFACTOR on their new CD release "One Minute Apart." I attended the release party at the State Theater in St. Pete and the bad kicked _ss. Check em out at and

* Congrats to GRACE SANTOS on performing in the sold out show TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD in Tampa, FL. I know because everytime I tried to go it was sold out. I swear it was, Grace. I'm so sorry. I tried! Twice.

* DESPERATELY SEEKING MUSICIAN, preferably someone who can play piano by ear. Need someone to play about 10-20 seconds of simple boogie-woogie/swing-type arrangement for Ice House commercials. No pay but boy, will you be my friend. For the love of G_d, someone I know has to be able to play 10 seconds of chords. Must be in G'ville, Crystal River, Tampa-ish area. Contact me ASAP. And I mean ASAP. Because...

Personal stuff:
* I will be moving back to L.A.(Hell-A) on April 22nd. No, wait, don't be sad. Don't cry for me Argentina. It's better this way. FL is sucking the ambition out of me.

* is my business email. If you want my personal email it is

* Happy 1st B-day to Cale Boholst(3/29)! (If you want your b-day listed please email me and I'll try to make you feel special at least once a year.)

* Congrats to UM Law alum Greg Waks and his Maryland Terrapins on the nat'l title. Almost makes up for that Orange Bowl?

* I think The White Stripes 'Fell in love with a girl' video is one of the coolest I've ever seen. It's like stop motion animation with all Legos. It's soooo cool. It's directed by Michel Gondry- THE best music video director on the planet. Hype Williams couldn't hold this guy's jock on his best day. Look for Gondry's movie Human Nature this yr., written by the same guy who wrote Being John Malkovich.

* I only saw 15 minutes of BOYS AND GIRLS and I can already tell it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

* Predictable
* MEMENTO was ROBBED for best adapted screenplay! AKIVA GOLDSMAN won for A BEAUTIFUL MIND but I think this guy still deserves punishment for writing LOST IN SPACE.
* No, I don't think things will "change" because 2 black people won Oscars. I liked Denzel's comment that its an award to actors for a specific performance. "What would Randy Newman say when he lost his 15th nomination in a row? It was race?" Right on Denzel. You didn't win because you're black. You won cuz you were good and you've been good. If it doesn't fit...
* Halle Berry and Sissy Spacek were both excellent in their performances in similar types of roles. Tough call.
* Halle: when you're thanking you're lawyers for making the deal it's time to get the f_ck off the stage.
* Does anybody out there get the "in" industry jokes? Like the one about CAA? Does anybody non-industry out there even know what CAA is? It's Mike Ovitz's former agency and a notoriously cut-throat one at that, if you care. Didn't think so. Hollywoodites are so self-important, aren't they.
* Good for RON HOWARD for winning Best Director. Even though BRAVEHEART was a great great movie, I still think Ron should have won in 95' for APOLLO 13. And I do think PETER JACKSON should have won this year for LORD OF THE RINGS because it was a bigger movie and a bigger gamble and he knocked it out of the proverbial park. Believe me, if LOR sucked it would have ruined NEW LINE CINEMA.
* I don't think it's possible for me to hate Joan Rivers any more than I already do.
* To J.Lo- I hate that 50's hair sh_t. You do not look hot like that. But I'll cut you some slack.
* I can't remember if it was Gwyneth, Cameron Diaz or Uma Thurman that had that ugly _ss dress on. I think it was Gwyneth.
* Kate Beckinsdale brings it. That's all I gotta say.
* It's a good thing Whoopi Goldberg is funny.
* It's a good thing J. Lo is pretty. Can you believe she married 'the dancer?' I didn't know there were any straight male dancers out there.

BAR REVIEW: Gainesville's THE BANK
I checked it out with UF FSA members this past weekend. Small, much nicer than most other G'ville sh_thole clubs. Trendy wannabe place but at least it keeps out the riffraff. Still 7-1 girl to pretty boy ratio but femmes were fairly attractive, especially the Bridget Wilson Sampras lookalike. Girls are so hot in the dark from behind far away. Music was mostly forgettable techno. (Is 'forgettable techno' redundant?)

Small VIP section in the back that bouncer wouldn't let me into. Make that the "i'm blowing the bouncer" or "i'm in the bouncer's frat" section. How important can you possibly be in college? Much less "very important," other than Alex Brown, who was there.

I guess it's the 'more important than you cuz your not in here, punk' section. I sound bitter but I'm not. Even though Bridget Wilson was in there and I couldn't kick my game, i.e. stalk her. But doorman was a dick to homey Franjo Lira so he gets this week's "IN YOUR EYE, BITCH!" As usual, G'ville cover was a ridiculous $5 and drinks even cheaper.
(Want a bar/club reviewed? Miami, Tampa, G'ville, L.A., Toronto, Houston, New Orleans, Vegas, Buffalo, San Fran, Niagra Falls, Cebu City? Send in your request, if I haven't done it I'll pretend like I did. Or send in your own.)

Ron Capahi- you are the man, Ron. Get better soon. Our prayers are with you and your family.

* UF Filipino Student Association Formal- Gainesville, Fl, 4/20
* UF International Talent Show- 4/21
* Nat'l Fil-Am Youth Association Conference- Houston, TX 5/17-19
* Tuesday- tomorrow.
(If you have an event you'd like to publicize let us know and I'll try if I don't forget.)

Thanks to the loyal fans who voted in the movie poll! Looks like one of the consensus top picks was SHREK as everyone picked it in their top ten, although no one picking it as the year's best.

MEMENTO was highly regarded also. FYI, national critics loved APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX, SHREK and MULHOLLAND DRIVE as some of their favorites.'s critics poll lists LORD OF THE RINGS, MONSTER'S INC. and MEMENTO as favorites(at least ones you've heard of).

And the winner of our 2001 Movie Poll is...Julie Sanchez!! Julie gets her choice of a free Hooters dinner, or free Lord of the Rings poster, or free place to stay in L.A. for as long as she wants when I get a place there.

Click here for the rest of the results:  2001 Movie Poll Results

Check for updates in next 2 weeks.



 Waltertainment LLC is nearing completion of production on 3 short films and we need a team of
 go-getters to go get them seen. Looking for all levels of interest.

 Marketing Director: Top position. Expected to become an expert in submission guidelines for short film
 festivals/competitions(specifically in Florida and Asian Am. festivals), internet film sites, TV shows
 and all other distribution opportunities. Devise marketing strategy/campaign and implement. Supervise
 creation and coordination of artwork, press kit, street teams.
 Devise publicity campaign. Set-up interviews and press releases. May be required to travel to nearby
 film festivals for promotion. Some travel expenses may be provided.
 No pay but substantial budget provided. Waltertainment LLC is funding your education and portfolio if
 you are willing to commit 6-15 months to project. Much of work will be in beginning with strategy
 planning and press kit. Festival weeks/weekends may require substantial time committment.
 This is a rare opportunity to head a film/entertainment marketing campaign funded by someone else,
 gain great experience, and meet valuable contacts in the film/entertainment/publicity industries.
 School credit may be negotiated. Desire to work in film/entertainment and experience in publicity
 considered a plus. ONLY those SERIOUS about the committment need apply.

 Volunteers needed to create press kit and promote short films. Will work
 closely with Marketing Director. Looking for volunteers in all regions-
 Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, etc.

 Looking to hire by mid March.

 Please send resume(and sample of work for art positions) to Waltertainment
 Marketing Dept.
 P.O. Box 2858
 Crystal River, FL 34423
 VM) 818-324-9314


Happy Valentine's Day from Waltertainment LLC!!!

    Hey movie fans, here's what's up...

    The movie poll deadline is 1st week of March. A list of movies is below and

    I(Walter) made a bet with myself that I could put together a team of
    inexperienced but eager individuals to do the impossible- make a series of
    short films, commercials and music videos that could not only compete with
    better funded outfits from NY and LA, but blow them out of the water, or at
    least not suck. I'm happy to say so far we're on a roll...

    ICE HOUSE COMMERCIALS The Waltertainment Production Team based out of
    Gainesville, FL has completed production on 8 commercials for entry into
    the Ice House "You make the ads" contest. You may have seen the fish
    commercial on TV or heard radio ads or seen billboards. Ours blows all of
    that crap out of the can. Post-production will be completed in a couple
    weeks. Stay tuned.

    SHORT FILMS The team has just completed the majority of production on "2
    Minutes To Oblivion," a tense military action film. It's our short but
    intense homage to Black Hawk Down and all the other great war movies. It
    stars newcomers Anthony Lim and Ivan Cheung from UF.

    Principal photography begins Friday on "The Direct Approach." A short
    comedy about a shy guy struggling with how to put "the move" on his date.
    It stars FSU theater grad Abe Spigner(don't worry, he knows nothing about
    the football team) and Gainesville's own Julie Sanchez along with UF
    Filipino Student Association Exec VP Anthony Lim and yours truly, Walter
    Boholst. We'll be spouting out four-letter word riddled sex jokes faster
    then you can say 'Kevin Smith rip-off.'

    Next week, production begins on the supernatural noir thriller "Lady
    Killer," centering on a girl seduced by a mysterious man who may be a
    vampire. It stars UF's Camille Francisco and Miami's Jorge Serrano, who
    also has numerous credits as a cameraman in South Florida.

    We also have a music video in the works for the rock band Tito Felix. You
    can find their songs at and info at Check em' out.
    Post-production on the short films is scheduled to be completed in

    For anyone that knows, pulling all this off with a crew that doesn't have 1
    day of film school under their belts in the span of a couple months is
    insanity. But we're doing it anyway. If you want to follow along you can go
    to our website at and click on 'Team W' for more info
    and to see what the crew sees, my expletive filled rants and all.

    MOVIE POLL/OSCAR NOMS Here's some of the Oscar nominations if you need some
    inspiration for the Movie Poll: The 74th annual Academy Awards will be
    presented March 24.

    BEST MOTION PICTURE "A Beautiful Mind" "Gosford Park" "In the Bedroom" "The
    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" "Moulin Rouge"

    BEST DIRECTOR Ron Howard, "A Beautiful Mind" Ridley Scott, "Black Hawk
    Down" Robert Altman, "Gosford Park" Peter Jackson, "The Lord of the Rings:
    The Fellowship of the Ring" David Lynch, "Mulholland Drive"

    BEST FOREIGN-LANGUAGE FILM "Amelie" (France) "Elling" (Norway) "Lagaan"
    (India) "No Man's Land" (Bosnia and Herzegovina) "Son of the Bride"

    BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY "Amelie," Guillaume Laurant, Jean-Pierre Jeunet;
    dialogue by Guillaume Laurant "Gosford Park," Julian Fellowes "Memento,"
    Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan "Monster's Ball," Milo Addica, Will Rokos
    "The Royal Tenenbaums," Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson

    BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY "A Beautiful Mind," Akiva Goldsman "Ghost World,"
    Daniel Clowes, Terry Zwigoff "In the Bedroom," Rob Festinger, Todd Field
    "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," Fran Walsh, Philippa
    Boyens, Peter Jackson "Shrek," Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman,
    Roger S.H. Schulman

    WALTERTAINMENT LLC 2001 MOVIE POLL!!!! Send in your top 10 and other funny
    awards you have to give.


 Waltertaiment LLC 2/4/02

 Thank you so much to those of you who attended the auditions! You were all great. We wish we could
 have had the opportunity to see everyone work but maybe next time.

 The following roles have been cast as follows:

 "2 Minutes to Oblivion"(action short film) 2/9, 2/10(if needed)
 Corporal- Anthony Lim
 Private- Ivan Cheung
 2 male Extras- still casting

 "The Director Approach"(romantic comedy) 1/15, 1/22
 Luke- Abe Spigner
 Sylvia- Julie Sanchez
 Dweezil- Walter Boholst
 Mook- uncast as of yet

 "Lady Killer"(thriller) 2/23, 2/24(if needed)
 Mysterious Man- Jorge Serrano
 Innocent Girl- Camille Francisco


 We are still looking for crew for all shoots if you are interested beginning with the shoot on 2/9.
 Let me know.

 For updates check Thanks again!

 FYI- I(Walter) will be relocating to L.A. soon in case anyone wants to look me up. I'll have the same
 email and the same cell phone #. If you're moving out there or just visiting feel free to contact me.


Thanks to those who attended auditions. Auditions went great. Sorry to those who couldn't make it. Cast will be posted shortly.


    Waltertainment LLC Audition Update 1/30

 Sorry, the auditions for Sat. afternoon 2/2 and Wed. night 2/6 have fallen through. Will update you if
 things change. As of now, the only auditions are this Thurs. Sorry for late notice.


    The short film audition on Thurs., 1/31, will be on the UF Campus at Turlington Hall Room 2319.
    The audition is after a Filipino Student Association meeting which should end around 9pm. See
    below for details.

    Turlington is at the corner of Union Rd. and Newell Drive. From 13th st., go West on Museum Rd. Go
    north on Newell Drive. After a few hundred yards it's the building to the left behind the "the
    Rock." For specific directions go to the links below.

    UF Campus Map
    (type "Turlington Hall" in the Map Search at the top of the page. A red circle will locate the
    hall. Click on it to zoom.)

    Turlington Hall is at least a 5 minute walk from all parking. There is a parking garage with
    visitor spaces south of Turlington near the Broward tennis courts. There is meter parking at the
    Reitz Union on Museum Rd. I've parked in orange decal spaces at night without getting tickets.
    These spaces are at the Broward garage, at a lot across the Broward garage, by the O'Connell
    Center, and across the Reitz Union. See the UF map below for parking spaces near Turlington.

    UF Parking map


Attention all actors!

Auditions for 3 DV short films(action, comedy, thriller) are being held. No pay. Food and tape provided. Auditions are:

- Thurs. 1/31 around 9pm on UF campus, probably Turlington hall. Should know the details by Wed. 1/30. Contact us if interested and we will let you know when and where with directions. Check at for updates.

- Sat. 2/2 in the afternoon. Time and place TBA.

- Wed. 2/6 (if needed) in the evening. Time and place TBA.

Once Thursday's and Saturday's details are final we will send another email out.

Be prepared to perform a 1 minute monologue OR a short reading(or two) from the script. Please bring a headshot or photo and resume if you have one.

We are seeking males in early 20's to early 30's and females from early to late 20's.

Email or call Walter to reserve a spot. You will be contacted with the details. Check for further updates.

Shoots are scheduled for:
Short film 1- 2/9, 2/10 (10am-5pm)
Short film 2- 2/15(6pm-12midnight), 2/22(6pm-12midnight)
Short film 3- 2/23(6pm-12midnight), 2/24(6pm-11pm)

*** We are also still looking for males, any age, for a commercial shoot this Friday. Must be willing to wear a bikini. In-shape body not required. No pay. Food and tape provided. Contact us now!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Walter B. (writer/director/producer)
Waltertainment LLC



Actor interviews will be held in the Reitz Union on Wed. 1/23. Times start at 7:55pm and go backwards. Read below for more info.


 To all talent,

 I can also schedule actor interviews on Thursday, 1/17, before the FSA mtg. in the UF Reitz Union.
 I'll start at 6:45pm(meeting at 7) and work backwards from there.  Let me know and I'll meet you in
 the Union. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read below. Thanks.


Hello actor,

 Sorry about the late notice. We couldn't get a room for casting interviews on Wed. so I will be
 scheduling individual interviews over the next couple of days. If you can't make it this week we will
 also have interviews Wed. 1/23 at the Reitz Union in the evening. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED. Any other
 interviews next week must be by appointment.

 This Wed., 1/16, I will be meeting with actors at the food court at the mall up until 7:30pm. CONTACT
 ME TO SCHEDULE A TIME. Interviews will be 5-10 minutes. I will start at 7:20 and work backwards. First
 come, first serve. If no one contacts me I'm not showing up so don't show up without contacting me.

 If you can't make it Wed. we can schedule a time/place on Thursday. I might be in Gainesville on
 Friday also.

 Walter Boholst(director)

 Interviews will be a casual/get-to-know-you type of meeting. If you have a headshot or photo please
 bring it. Please bring a resume/list of experience if you have it. There will be no auditions or cold
 readings for the commercials(unless you do male voice over work).

 On 1/24, a cast list for the commercials will be emailed to you and posted at I
 apologize for the last minute casting. If you're interested, keep 1/25(evening), 1/26, 1/27 open for
 the shoots.

 Callbacks for the short films(planned for Feb.) will be between 1/23-1/28 with auditions planned for
 1/30-2/2. Exact date, time, place TBA. Additional auditions may be held 2/6 or 2/13 if needed.

 Short film shoot dates(Film 1: Feb. 8, 9, 10, Film 2: Feb. 15, 17, Film 3: Feb. 22, 23, 24)

 Please forward to anyone interested. Contact me if you have any questions, thank you!

 Walter Boholst(director)



- Yes, that WAS me, Walter, on ABC channel 9, 12/24 on the news segment about the airport. I'm famous!
- Move poll list out soon. Watch those movies for your top ten list!

Hello Talent,

       We will be having short talent interviews with all actors interested in appearing in a series  of commercials and short films.

       The meetings will take place on Wednesday nights on 1/16 and 1/23. Time and place with be  announced but probably between 7-9 in the Reitz Union.

       Feel free to bring a headshot/resume. There will be no readings or auditions for the  commercials. However, the short films planned for February may require auditions later on. We will call you back if interested.

Talent interviews will be spread out over 1/16 and 1/23. Please try to attend one or the other but NOT  BOTH. A headshot is not required but it will greatly help if you bring a photo and a list of experience if you have any. None required.

 I will send out directions to the Reitz Union shortly.

If you absolutely can't make the interviews on the wednesdays then contact me and we'll try to arrange something. thnx



Guestbook has been added at the bottom of the page. Write us!



Happy Holidays everyone from  Waltertainment LLC!

CURRENT PROJECTS: Currently, we�re cutting a music video for the band Tito Felix on their single �Man of Steel.� It�s a great rock song and you can hear it
at You can also check out their website at

I am currently looking for co-producers/production managers(plan/execute), exec producers(find money), DP, sound, cast and crew for the following projects
which I plan to shoot in January and February in Gainesville or Tampa. Work is unpaid, but meals and tape of project are provided. Need co-producers immediately.

Email me back here at I will let you know if there are auditions or if we�ll be accepting tapes.

* Several Ice House commercials for their �you make the ads� contest.
    1) several males mid-late 20�s (studly, desperate, anxious, clueless or
    2) 2 females early-late 20�s (1 sexy, 1 bitchy- unless you can do both)
    3) female early-late 20�s (bikini type, well endowed)
    4) male 30-40�s (Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters)
    5) female 30-40�s (wife of Richard Dreyfuss of above)
    6) kid/teen early-mid teens (or adult who looks young)
    7) 4 fat males any age (willing to wear tight swim trunks)
    8) male 40�s-50�s (scary executive)
Shoots should be no longer than 2-4 hours each spot (except for one 8 hour day), probably on weekends starting no earlier than Jan. 12 and no later than
Jan. 26. Casting will be taking place ASAP until then.

* 2 Minutes to Oblivion (military action short film)
    1) male lead early-mid 20�s (jumpy)
    2) male lead late 20�s-early 30�s (level headed officer)
    3) 2 ethnic males 20�s-30�s
Shoot should take place in early February. Casting will take place ASAP until then.

* Ballerz(basketball action-thriller short film)
    1) male lead 30�s (educated, depressed, basketball player)
    2) male 30�s (educated, basketball player)
    3) male lead 20�s-early 30�s (thug, basketball player)
    4) male 20�s-early 30�s (thug, basketball player)
    5) male 20�s-early 30�s (attitude)
    6) assorted males 20�s-30�s
Shoot should take place mid-late February. Casting will be taking place ASAP until then.

More pre-production updates to come�

Contact us ASAP if you want a professional looking music video for your band,
dance group or portfolio. Trust me, it won't come cheaper than this.


* We will also be cutting together a version of the Filipino Student Association at the University of Florida�s Def Talent Jam.
* We are also in the early planning stages of a History of FSA at UF documentary. If you want to be involved in any way then please contact us.

*  Lord of the Rings is supposed to rock. It�s gotten great reviews so far.
* Terminator 3 has signed up Arnold for $30 mil. James Cameron won�t be directing but Jonathan Mostow(U-571, Breakdown) will be and is pretty good.
The working title is T3: Rise of the Machines and is about Arnold and an older John Connor battling a female TX or Terminatrix. Er. Movie will cost a record
$170 million, which I�m sure it will easily make back. Series ends with T4. It�s slated for Summer 2003.
* Speaking of, 2003 is shaping up to be a huge one: X-Men sequel �X2� in early May, T3 July 4, Matrix Reloaded Memorial Day with Matrix 3 that
November along with another Harry Potter and another Lord of the Rings. Wow.
* John Singleton(Boyz N the Hood) is doing a Sinbad movie. The pirate, not the comedian.
* A Six Million Dollar Man movie is in the works.
* Upcoming potential Oscar films include Lord of the Rings, The Majestic, A Beautiful Mind, Ali, The Shipping News, Black Hawk Down
* Salma Hayek is supposedly available after dating Ed Norton. So now�s your chance.

The end of the year is neigh, so catch up on all those movies so you can get a good top ten list going.

Our top story this week is actually a video release:
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (****)- 2nd best movie of the year so far. A
transsexual rock star searches for meaning and redemption and the music is great
to boot! This is me doing my job to let you know about good movies that you�ve
never heard of.

Here�s my wrap up since the 2nd half of summer. Do you agree?
- Waking Life (***)- looks cool but starts off real slow
- Harry Potter (***1/2)- entertaining, well done, Quidditch match is awesome
- Monsters Inc. (***1/2)- cute but no Toy Story
- Bandits (***)- too long, slow
- Paradise Lost (video)(***1/2)- great courtroom documentary about boys
accused of murder because they belong to a Satanic cult
- Scent of a Woman (video)(***1/2)- very well done, written and acted,
nominated for best picture a few years ago
- Don�t Say a Word (***)- same ol� thriller but quick paced
- Iron Monkey (***1/2)- great fight scenes, peculiar humor
- Legally Blonde (***)- cute, not super funny
- The Others (***1/2)- spooky
- Rush Hour 2 (***)- same shit as first, but the chic is cute
- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (***1/2)- so funny, if you liked Clerks
you�ll like this
- Planet of the Apes (***)- entertaining but underwhelming
- The Deep End (***1/2)- thriller about a mom who thinks her son committed a
murder and tries to cover up for him, well acted and directed
- A.I. (***1/2)- good start, good middle, what the fuck was that ending
- Jurassic Park III (***)- no story, good action
- Swordfish(**)- move sucked but Halle Berry got $50k for showing her tits
- The Score (***1/2)- nothing new but well done heist movie
- Final Fantasy (***)- looks great, weird Japanese spiritual storyline
- Spy Kids (***1/2)- surprisingly fun and inventive

Happy Holidays!



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